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The Owlcroft Exterior (page 2 of 2)

Owlcroft: west end of the south side, with garden in preparation.
This is the west end of the south side of the house (looking north). The guy has a different doofus something on his head, and is in the midst of creating a raised bed for vegetable gardening.

(Appearances are deceiving: the roof ridge does not really sag the way it seems to in this picture!)

The color values are nothing to brag about either: the roof is actually a nice, rich Lincoln green.


We seem, at present, to have few views of the overall outside of the house. The one below was--obviously--taken during construction, but it at least shows the entire south wall with almost all of the windows.

Owlcroft House, south wall (under construction).

The unwindowed area at the far left is the garage; the leftmost bank of four windows is the "tank room"--it holds a large water tank and serves as our greenhouse; the long bank of nine windows illuminates the main living area; the visible bank of two illuminates the kitchen; and the rightmost bank of two--only one of which shows in this shot--illuminates the TV/guest room.


Owlcroft House: The north exterior wall.
This is part of the north exterior wall. As you see, and as is common in solar houses, the north wall has minimal windowing--in this case, just a (mandatory) fire-escape window for the main Bedroom. The house entrance door is out of view to your right, and beyond it is the garage door (radio controlled from a remote in the car).

Now, let's examine the floor plan of Owlcroft House.