Owlcroft House: Miscellaneous Paired Shots

Owlcroft House: An outdoor bench in winter (with icicles). Owlcroft House: A cheery fire in the masonry heater. Winter:

      outside . . .

            . . . and in.


Owlcroft House: some of the flora and fauna. Owlcroft House: The chums.

The flora and the fauna


The chums.


Owlcroft House: We drill for water . . . Owlcroft House: . . . and find it!

They drill for water for our house . . .

. . . and find it!


Two famed visitors to Ritzville:

Old #700 (a steam locomotive) visits the Ritzville depot. Bo Didley at the annual Ritzville Blues Festival.

Old #700 visits the Ritzville RR depot (now a museum),


Mr. Bo Diddley at the annual Ritzville Blues Festival.
(Photo by Bruce Eckley)

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