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The continental United States.

Where is Owlcroft?

This, as we assume you know, is a map of the continental United States.

Owlcroft is in Washington State, the State at the extreme upper left of the map, bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and Canada to the north. Owlcroft lies in Adams County, Washington, near the City (pop. 1,750) of Ritzville. Click on to learn more about that location and its weather.

Owlcroft is about four miles due south of Ritzville, down a State highway, and about 1½ miles east of that highway on a gravelled County road. From the County road, there is a private "driveway"--really a gravelled mini-road in itself--running south to the property, the 40 acres that constitute Owlcroft; from the north border of Owlcroft, it is about another 3/8 of a mile to Owlcroft House proper. (There is a sketch map on the next site page.)

Besides Owlcroft House, the property has on it the remains of an older farm household, abandoned probably about a half century ago. We chose to leave the old buildings in place as adding atmosphere and reminding us and visitors of the pioneering days out here on the plains of the Columbia Basin.

And now, let's get on to describing--and showing--Owlcroft House and its immediate environs.