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The Owlcroft Company owns and operates a number of web sites on a broad variety of topics. These sites are all designed to be both useful and pleasant to visit: their page layouts are intended to avoid the squeezed, small-type, multi-column, ad-cluttered, blinking-light, zooming-image visual nightmare that so many of today's sites have become. Owlcroft sites are meant as places where you can calmly relax and enjoy your visit while yet getting helped to a generous dose of information on the sites' topics.

Given below is a list of those sites, separated into three categories: those operated under their own domain names, those existing within the owlcroft.com domain, and those maintained pro bono but not owned by The Owlcroft Company. Included for each is a brief description of that site's topic.

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   Free-Standing Web Sites Owned and Operated by The Owlcroft Company:

an induction cooktop with stainless-steel pots and pans

The Induction Site

Induction is a wholly different method of cooking, and this site explains in full what it is, how it works, what its advantages are (it is simply the best cooking technology there is, for both professional and home cooking), and who makes units today. Induction, long popular around the world, is finally having a resurgence in North America, with new name-brand units appearing; people who want to know why will find out at this leading internet resource site.

The site also has an extensive bookshop (with both new and used books available) of titles relating to cooking.

Wine bottles in rack.

That Useful Wine Site

Whether you are a veteran wine drinker or a complete novice, you should find this site quite, well, useful. It has information pages on each of about 150 major wine grapes, from Agiorgitiko to Zierfandler, telling about the grape, what wine like from it is like, and—the crux—several examples of such wine each under $20 and each recommended by numerous wine critics, professional and amateur: this site is not one person's or a few individuals' personal tastes, it is "data mining" of consensus critical opinion. Using it, you can sample a variety knowing you are drinking what a lot of people consider a fine example of it, yet one that doesn't break the bank. The site also includes numerous pages of general wine-drinking and wine-buying advice and information.

Fantasy illustration

Great Science-Fiction & Fantasy Works

For the civilized reader, too many--most--web sites about science-fiction or fantasy literature recall American Bandstand: "Uh, wull, Dick, I give it a 86 'cause it had a good beat an' yuh could dance to it." What one might charitably call "naive enthusiasm" abounds. But, while a cold spritzer is often welcome refreshment, when we go into a restaurant of quality and ask for the wine card, we do not expect to see Gallo Chablis or Annie Greensprings among the listings. This site seeks to be a wine card of science-fiction and fantasy literature; it is dedicated to presenting works in the fields of science-fiction and fantasy--sometimes collectively called "speculative fiction"--that get high grades for literary quality without needing any bonus points just for being science fiction or fantasy. The books are judged as literature, not as "science-fiction books" or "fantasy books".

a baseball

The High Boskage House Baseball-Analysis Web Site

From one of the pioneers of modern baseball analysis--a longtime consultant to successful major-league ball clubs--comes this site, which not only explains thoroughly the rationale and methodology of modern analysis, but--in season--presents daily-updated detailed stats on teams and players, allowing fans to see how much players are really helping (or hurting) their team, and how well any team is really playing.

The site also has an extensive bookshop (with both new and used books available) of titles relating to baseball.

Colt Detective revolver

The "Matters Criminous" Web Site

The mystery-crime-detection genre is--like most literary genres--regrettably dominated by works lacking literary merit, and is indeed almost antagonistic toward such works; yet authors of substantial merit have been (and are) producing works of enduring value within the field. While this site does not pretend to be a comprehensive survey of all that is literate within the genre, it does select and describe a good number of authors and series that meet that criterion; moreover, it includes links to select further resources in the field. Possibly most important of all, it also provides a complete listing of all the books (and omnibuses) for each series, along with used-book searches for each title.

a garden basket of tomatoes

The "Growing Taste" Food-Gardening Site

A rich cornucopia of detailed information for home vegetable and fruit gardeners, the site includes immensely detailed and exact growing information for a great variety of vegetables and fruits--but above all it focuses on identifying the most flavorful varieties of each; in an era of water-swollen "hybrid vigor", where heavier and harder are the chief commercial criteria for edibles, the home gardener, who can pick those "cultivars" that make the best eating, needs help sorting through all those "best ever!" claims made for each and every variety in garden-seed catalogues, and this site provides that much-needed guidance.

The site also has an extensive bookshop (with both new and used books available) of titles relating to vegetables and fruits.

bottle of steroids

Steroids and Baseball

Everything you think you know about steroids and other "performance-enhancing" drugs in baseball is (almost certainly) wrong.

This fact-filled site draws extensively on the medical literature and detailed analysis of actual statistics to get to the truths about what steroids do and don't do for performance, whether any records are "tainted", what the extent and severity of medical side effects really are, whether American youth is being led astray by ballplayer "role models", and the formal ethics of performance-enhancing substance use in sports.

This site is an outgrowth of the High Boskage House Baseball web site described farther above on this page.

a conference table surrounded by shelves of law books

Oxalic Acid Information

Oxalic acid is a component of many common foods (notably dark-green leafy ones), and many people have health-related concerns about it, because it is implicated in medical conditions such as kidney stones and gout. The internet contains a lot of unscientific rubbish on the topic; here are the facts.

The site also has an extensive bookshop (with both new and used books available) of titles relating to diet and health.

   Owlcroft Company Web Sites Within the owlcroft.com Domain:

an opened dictionary

The English Language

This little site is not so much about what correct English grammar and usage are as it is a reasoned (but passionate) argument that there really is such a thing as "sound English", and thus--necessarily--such a thing as unsound English. In a time when more and more voices clamorously decry the existence of any sort of standards whatever (for English, or anything), this site explains why care with our words is essential to us as individuals and to our society and our very civilization.

The site also has an extensive bookshop (with both new and used books available) of titles relating to English Grammar and Usage, plus a short list of the truly essential reference works.

Owlcroft House

What and Where is Owlcroft?

While this site is a "guided tour" of the real, physical Owlcroft House--establishing its location, environment, and design details, as well as its appearance outside and in--it is in a more general sense an example of the effectiveness of solar design. The entire annual heating "bill" for this 2000-square-foot-plus home not far from the Canadian border is roughly one-fifth of one cord of wood!

The site also has an extensive bookshop (with both new and used books available) of titles relating to Solar House Design.

Ubuntu logo

Ubuntu Help

Ubuntu is the rising star of the world of open-source (meaning--among other things--"free") operating systems. We use it on all of our own systems, and are very happy with it. This site is a guide to selecting a "flavor" of Ubuntu suited to your needs, planning for an installation, actually installing it, and then adding to, tuning, tweaking, and otherwise generally optimizing your new installation.

The information is not a scattershot collection of "tips & tricks", but rather a planned, sequential set of procedures, given in careful detail, intended to both safely get you from here to there and, at the same time, be a tutorial on how to do important things with and to your system. Even veteran experts are likely to find something new and helpful here. We strenuously recommend Ubuntu, and now you can see how easy it is to have the best.

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