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The Owlcroft Exterior (page 1 of 2)

Owlcroft: winter view north from the house.
Another winter view looking north from Owlcroft House.
The clear area running off to the left is the incoming driveway.
The round thing to the right of the old barn is a collapsed water tower.
(The whiteness of this view is an artifact of poor photography, not excess overcast.)

Here, now, is a cheerier view. This is Owlcroft House seen from the west in the late afternoon, after a little rain.

Owlcroft House from the west: afternoon post-rain view with rainbow.

Regrettably, while the photography shows off the sunlit cedar boards nicely, the contrast makes everything else—the green roof and the windowed south wall—hard to see. The door you see is a side door into the garage, which occupies the westernmost part of the structure.

So, let's move on.